The Party Elf's Frequently Asked Questions
Can I request a particular staff member?

The Party Elf will always try to honor your requests. However, due to scheduling conflicts we cannot guarantee a request for a particular staff member. We can guarantee that you will get an extremely qualified staff member to work your event!
Do Bartenders Request Proof of Age?

Yes! Please note that under no circumstances will any of our bartenders serve anyone under the age of 21. If there is any doubt, our bartenders will request proof of drinking age. Sorry - No Exceptions.
If I serve alcohol, do I need to worry about NYS hosting laws?

Yes, you do. The Party Elf, highly recommends you provide your guests with an option to get home if they have been drinking. We recommend Late Night Chauffeurs. They drive your guests - in their car - home safely. This allows them to enjoy themselves without the risks and dangers associated with drinking and driving. No DWI's, no excuses, no worries.
Do Bartenders have their own Bar Tools?

The Party Elf bartenders carry and use their own bar tools. Supplies consist of shaker glasses, bottle openers, pourers, etc.
What type of Beverage and Bar Service do you provide?

We are licensed and insured to serve and set up all types of specialty beverage events. We do not carry an alcohol liquor license to sell alcohol. The client must secure all permits required for the event. We do not own or sell alcoholic beverages, However, we can recommend quantities for your event.

We provide:

• Alcohol variety and quantity recommendations
• Portable bars, linens
• Glassware - rocks, wine, pints, martini & champagne
Is there a minimum number of hours that we can contract the staff?

YES! Minimum Hours:
4-hour minimum for all staff
What services can we expect from your staff?

Servers: Our staff is trained to set tables and buffets. They will set up, service, and maintain all food and beverage table service areas throughout the event. At the end of the event, we provide total breakdown and cleanup to the client's specifications. Services during the event include any type of table food service required and beverage service including water, wine and champagne.

Bartenders: All beverage service consists of complete setup of the bar, mixing and serving all drinks, and complete breakdown and cleanup at the conclusion of your event.

Grillers: Grill on either propane or charcoal grills. Will provide their own grill tools. Will prepare and grill your meats, vegetables to your specifications. All special requests will be discussed prior to your event.
What do I, as the host, need to give the staff upon arrival?

For food servers, we ask that you have a list of menu items and a timeline of your event requirements in order to provide seamless service to your event. For bartenders, please advise of any special requests, such as toasts, speeches, signature drink requests and last call.
Event Planning - How many Bartenders do I need?

Our professionally-trained bartenders can manage between 75 and 100 guests for a full bar. If you are only serving beer and wine, you will need one bartender for every 100 guests.

Do I need a Bar Back?

If you require three or more bartenders, we highly recommend using a bar back. A bar back will make sure all bars remain fully stocked, replenish glassware and assist bartenders where needed.

How many Servers do I need?

Wait staff are professionally trained to handle all types of banquet and catering styles of service. They will set up, serve and break down your event per your request. Wait staff are expert at preparing tables, table tops, buffets and formal types of table service.

For a buffet, we recommend one server for every 25 to 35 guests. For a seated, plated event, we suggest one server for every 10 to 15 guests. For passed hors d'oeuvres, we recommend one server per 25 guests.

Questions to consider:

Are you using disposable tableware?
Do you want water and wine service tableside?
Do you need buffet table attendants (food runners)?

We are happy to consult with you to help you determine the number of staff you will need.
Do I Need a Captain?

The Party Elf Captains can supervise your party for you and will give clear direction to all service staff. They can coordinate all details with the party planner or caterer to set up, serve and break down the event to meet all your expectations.

If you request six staff or more, we suggest using a captain

For a Full Bar I need ...

Mixers for Full Bar Service consists of:

•Mixers: Lime Juice / Grenadine / Sour Mix / Bloody Mary mix
•Fruit: Limes / Lemons / Olives / Cherries
•Sodas (Coke products): Coke / Diet Coke / tonic / Sprite / Ginger Ale / Club Soda / Water
•Juices: Orange / Cranberry / Grapefruit / Pineapple
•Consumables: Stirrers / Beverage Napkins / Fruit Picks

If you are having any specialty drinks or if additional product is needed our bartenders will require that you provide them with an ingredients menu to insure that the cocktails are made to your specifications.

For a Beer/Wine Bar I need ...

Beverages for Beer & Wine Bar Service consists of:

•Fruit: Limes / Lemons
•Sodas (Coke products): Coke / Diet Coke / Sprite / Ginger Ale / Club Soda / Water
•Juices: Orange / Cranberry
•Consumables: Stirrers / Beverage Napkins / Fruit Picks

Do I need a Bar?

The Party Elf will be happy to rent table bars for your event, a portable formica bar or a full mobile portable bar through Bars and Beverages in Motion. We recommend using either a 6' or 8' banquet table, floor protection (if inside) with a black linen, ice tubs for beer, wine and water, and ice tubs for clean ice to make mixed drinks. If needed, we recommend a back table for glassware.

Do I need Glassware?

The Party Elf will be happy to rent you glassware for your event. We can rent the following types of glasses:

Rock / Wine / Martini / Champagne / Pint
The Party Elf recommends, on average, three to four glasses per guest.