Colleen Struber

Where to begin? Karen and Julia arrived on the dot at 5:00 and after brief introductions got right to work. We knew immediately that we were in good hands as Karen made great suggestions with buffet and took control of things — in a good way, an assuring way, someone you would want around if you are new to entertaining.

Hors d ‘oeuvres were baked perfectly and passed around in a friendly and non obtrusive way. Throughout the night, drinks were refilled, food passed, surfaces cleared and made tidy, garbage/recycles placed neatly outside. Finally major clean up and trays of food wrapped with care and put away.

My sister could not have been happier. If we could have selected who we would want in our home it would be Karen and Julia. We would welcome them back in a heart beat as either servers or guests!

Thanks and Happy New Year.