Phil Giarraputo

I just wanted to drop you an e-mail to tell you about how thankful and happy I am after my 4th of July party. The girls were amazing and I mean it. They did not stop from the time they got there until the time they left – but I expected that already. What really was incredible was how they presented themselves while they were working and the constant smiles and upbeat personality they keep throughout the party. From the several times I asked Karen to keep starting the grill and cooking as people came later on, to Dawn helping me clean up fireworks in the street, to Jenn serving people drinks before they could even get up to need another one – they were all amazing and it made the party a great success. They are always there when you need them before you even realize that you do.

They did a fantastic job. I wanted to check Dawn to see if she had a nuclear power pack hooked up to her since her energy alone could light up a city. The appetizers were amazing – as always – and several people commented on them again. I am having a smaller gathering in late August and I will need a bartender and a server and I would request Jenn and Dawn as I will not have another party without them. They can do all my party’s as far as I am concerned. And when I do need a chef/griller Karen would be great as well. – Thanks again Deb